Evangelist Dorseen Anthony

Evangelist Dorseen AnthonyEvangelist Dorseen Anthony was born and raised in Norfolk, VA to the late Bishop Alfred P. Bolden, Sr. and Mother Bettie Bolden.  She graduated from Lake Taylor High School, Norfolk, VA in 1974 and Saint Augustine’s College, Raleigh, NC, in 1978.  While at Saint Augustine’s College she met her husband to be , Elder Douglas M. Anthony, Sr.  They were married May 20, 1978 by the Late Bishop Winford Lamb.

She has been associated with Guiding Light from her youth up but it was not until 1987 that she really came to know the Lord.  In March 1987 she gave her life to Christ.  Evangelist Anthony and her husband were baptized in Jesus name the same day by Bishop Lamb.  She immediately left to follow her husband who was in the Army stationed in Huntsville, AL.  They were told to find a church in order to be under Watch Care and the Lord directed them to Pentecostal Lighthouse Church of the Apostolic Faith.  Less than one month from her baptism, she and her husband received the precious gift of the Holy Ghost in April of 1987.

God has always been with her but now she was with him.  He has proven himself many times in her life by protecting her while living around the world. A miracle occurred in her life when the doctors said that she could not have any children, but Bishop Lamb and the Saints of Guiding Light prayed the Prayer of Faith and God blessed her with 3 beautiful children: Elisha, Douglas, Jr. and Sarah.

Evangelist Anthony has always been on fire for the Lord and willing to work in the Church.  Whatever her hands findeth to do, she does it.  God has truly blessed her and made her a part of the church for edification, exaltation and comfort.